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Dadswell Family


This website contains short histories of a number of Dadswell families or individuals who migrated to Australia, particularly those who made the journey in the 1800s.

The story of the early Dadswell generations is common to all family members. But over time, separate families emerged and some of these migrated to Australia, creating new stories. To read about these people, see Dadswell Family History.

Historic information

  Robert Doudeswell and some Australian descendants
  Origins of the Dadswell name
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Family feature stories

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Archibald Frederick Dadswell
3 February 2016
Adoption, early migration, prisoner-of-war

Fred (Archibald Frederick) Dadswell, who lived and died in Perth, was adopted as a baby so he never knew his biological parents. He sailed from England to Australia at age 14, worked as a grocer and enlisted into the Australian Army only to become a World War One prisoner-of-war shortly after arriving in France. For more information about his life, see Fred (Archibald Frederick) Dadswell

Cover of 'The Two Days in Your Life'
8 April 2015
Feature Story: The Two Days in Your Life

The Two Days in Your Life is a compelling tale of Australian mateship, courage and betrayal on the battlefields of France during World War One. It contains action, humour, romance and mystery but reminds us of the bonds of comradeship that develop between men when under stress, and their determination not to let their mates down. And it was written by a Dadswell. Details.

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