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Dadswell Family

Acknowledgements & Copyright

This website contains information drawn together through the research of a number of people.

Old records have been researched, photographs collected, people interviewed, information placed into context, and the result has been an emerging picture of how some branches of the Dadswell family evolved over the last 450-odd years.

While many people contributed to this, special thanks are due to those who did detailed research on the early Dadswell family:

  • John Dadswell, of England, who in the 1930s researched and recorded much detail; and
  • Barbara (Balch) Nethercott, a former Dadswell of Canada, who in the 1970s picked up where John left off and spent 30-odd years solving many puzzles and publishing the results.

You are free to use the information on this website, but please acknowledge its source.


While the information on these pages is freely available, the website pages themselves are copyright. Please do not copy them without written permission. If you have any inquiries, please use the details on the contacts page.

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