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Dadswell Family

Recalling World War One Drama

Australian signallers in World War One trench

Linesmen of the 5th Divisional Signal Company of Australian Engineers preparing to lay a telephone line from their signal office and observation post on Westhoek Ridge to a unit in the front line.

Australian War Memorial photo E00809, photographer unknown.

Sgt Alf Sheppeard wrote in his diary: Another view of our G.W. test point showing members of No 2 section laying a line into the right Brigade sector. Their officer Lieut Collier is behind the left hand man on the drum. This man has his foot resting in the hole made by a shell which killed four men. Lieut Butler is on the opposite side of trench to Collier. Sapper Dadswell is at his equipment immediately behind Mr Collier. Sergeant Moore is in right foreground with his back to the camera. I [centre of photograph, without helmet] have just connected their cable to the buried cable and my face and helmet can be seen in the doorway just above the drum.

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