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Dadswell Family

Nigel Dadswell - Website Promotes Sales

Nigel Dadswell of Sydney

Sydney-based Nigel Dadswell, second son of Doug* and Jo Dadswell of Adelaide, has just opened his first online boutique T-shirt shop Oz-Tshirts.Net.

This, combined with freelance design and photography work and a promising DJ career, is keeping him pretty busy.

Nigel originally studied and completed a degree in photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology but after working in London and Milan found himself managing a studio in Sydney where he was able to re-ignite an old passion for graphic design.

From there he freelanced as a photographer and designer, slowly becoming involved in web-based design.

And from there it wasn't such a giant leap to creating and producing his own boutique-style online shop selling a range of T-shirts based on "classic Aussie place names".

Nigel collaborated with older brother Brendan Dadswell to create the E-commerce facility and technical programming for his site.

On the musical side, Nigel DJs under the alias and name 'Keeth Diamond'. He recently headlined the Dubai Grand Hyatt's new year's eve celebrations, and last year played alongside the re-formed famous Aussie rock band, INXS.
Oz T-shirts website

* Douglas Dadswell - see reference to this Dadswell family member on family history page.

- Information compiled January 2004

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