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Dadswell Family

Dadswell and Lewin Family Photograph, 1904 or 1905

Lewin family photo 1904 or 1905 - the names have come from Isabel (Friend) Jaggs and Rod Lewin, with some additional information from Lewin family records. Any corrections/additions are welcome. Please email Harley Dadswell (see Contact Addresses at foot of this page).

Photograph: Lewin and Dadswell families in 1904

Back row: Gertrude (Dale) Lewin, Tom Lewin, Mary (Slattery) Lewin, Cyril Lew (child), Spencer Lewin holding Leonie Lewin (marr Sydney Benn), Frances Lewin (marr Tom Dalling), Francis Forbes Lewin, Elizabeth (Thomas) Lewin holding Eric Lewin (marr Mona Shalders*), Henry Lewin (a Church of England minister), Jessie Lewin, and Fred Lewin (also a Church of England minister, marr Lily Hindle)

Middle row: Victor Lewin (marr Elizabeth Walker), May Lewin (marr Tom Waldron), Mabel Lewin (marr Bob Waldron), Ivy Lewin (child, marr Alf Preston), Otto Dadswell, Emma (Lewin) Dadswell, Francis Henry Lewin, Isabella (Lewin) Dalling (marr James Dalling), Inez Dalling (child, marr John Copley), Edie Dalling (child, marr Edie Oberg), Frank Lewin, Laura (Shalders) Lewin re-marr William Ferguson, Blanche Lewin (child, marr Robert Taylor), Percy Lewin, Annie Lewin (marr Harry Cubitt), and Emily Lewin (marr James Cuthbertson).

Front row: Grace Dalling (marr Walter Friend), Wilfred Lewin, Stan Dadswell (marr Ethel Pilgrim), Olive Lewin (marr Andrew Binns, William Farmer), Ethel Dadswell (marr Charles Mitting), Henry Dadswell (marr Jessie Smiley), Maude Lewin (marr William Henning), Lavinia Dalling (marr Alfred Cox), Ruby Dalling, Norah Lewin (marr Wesley Bennett), Geoff Lewin, Walter Lewin (marr Lottie Wakefield, sister of Walter Wakefield who later had a station at Pooncarrie, NSW).

Notes: * Mona , now 90 (in Nov 2004), lives in Ararat. She has a prize-winning garden and (according to Isabel Jaggs who visits her) is a GREAT cook! When Isabel's father died, they went to live at Mount Cole.

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