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Dadswell Family


This website contains short histories of a number of Dadswells (families or individuals) who migrated from Britain to Australia, particularly those who made the journey in the 1800s or early 1900s.

The story of the early English Dadswell generations is common to all family members. But over time, separate families emerged and some of these migrated to Australia, creating new stories. To read about these people, see Dadswell Family History.

Historic information

  Robert Doudeswell and some Australian descendants
  Origins of the Dadswell name
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Family feature stories

  Index of family feature stories
Dadswell Street sign at Whitlam, ACT
11 January 2021
Dadswell Street Names

Occasionally when driving around Australia, one comes across a street named after a Dadswell. Sometimes these street names commemorate the memory of noted Australian artist Lyndon Dadswell, but on other occasions they record the memory of a Dadswell who made a mark on their local community. Details.

Dadswells Bridge orchid
1 January 2020
Dadswells Bridge Signs, Walking Trail

Dadswells Bridge, the small community on the Western Highway between Stawell and Horsham in Victoria, now has a series of signs to explain the locality's history and development. It also features a two-kilometre walking trail which exhibits many of the district's natural flora and fauna features. Details.

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