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Dadswell Family

Rohan Dadswell - Video Production Website

Cinematrographer Rohan Dadswell filming in the Snowy Mountains

Another Dadswell is using the internet to publicise his services to the world, this time in the area of video production.

Rohan Dadswell runs a company called Rotating Head Productions, and after more than 30 years in the industry is today providing broadcast television crews for a variety of programs including documentaries, commercials, lifestyle/reality programs, music videos and live multi-camera events.

Based in Canberra, he is a freelance operator, offering services to television stations, government departments and businesses in the national capital and elsewhere.

His interest in film and video began when he was young - he liked photography, took part in film-making workshops, and after graduating from college, 'haunted' TV stations until being taken on by Capital 10 in Canberra as a trainee in the news department.

Over the years he found himself moving from trainee into sound, lighting and camera work and becoming a senior staff member, covering a wide range of political and community events. And - by inspiration - getting himself into a position where he took exclusive film of a student holding police at bay with a firearm - footage that was the talk of the town when it went to air.

Eventually Rohan moved to set up his own company, and today he finds himself working in a variety of situations for a variety of clients. With each federal election, he expects that these event will provide long hours of work producing material for politicians keen to be seen by their constituents.

All of which leads to establishing a website as part of his work to market his services. You can learn more about him at www.rotahead.com.au.

So, from whence does Rohan descend? Well ....

  • Grandparents
    Henry William Dadswell

    (born Mt Cole, Vic, 20 July 1894; died Red Cliffs, 7 Aug 1978)
            married 1927
    Jessie Isabel Smiley
    (born Melbourne, 21 Feb 1908; died Melbourne 14 Dec 1981)

    • Parents
      Harley Dadswell
      (born Red Cliffs, 1941)
              married 1964
      Mary Whykes (born Melbourne, 1943)

      • Rohan Dadswell (born Traralgon, Vic, 1965)

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