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Dadswell Family History

The Norwood Family

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Dadswell ancestors of the Norwood family
Norwood family members
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Dadswell ancestors of the Norwood family

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > James Dadswell 1786 > Thomas William Dadswell 1828 > Helena Matilda Dadswell 1867 > Norwood family

Norwood family members

Helena Matilda Dadswell (1867-1945), the sixth child of Thomas and Helena (Scheer) Dadswell, grew up in the Stawell and Dadswells Bridge areas of Victoria, but married at Deniliquin, NSW, on 21 May 1891. Her husband was Sidney Herbert Norwood (1866-1936), son of Joseph and Fanny (Mears) Norwood. At the time of their marriage, Helena was aged 24 and described herself as a domestic servant and spinster, while Sidney, also 24, described himself as a billiard marker at Deniliquin.

Helena had a child, Muriel, from a previous relationship but Muriel grew up in the family of Sidney and Helena, and she identified herself as a Norwood. The six children raised by Sidney and Helena were not untypical of their era in that the family suffered a number of tragedies which had a profound impact on them all. The children were -

Muriel Eveline (Patterson) Norwood b 9 Nov 1889 - d 28 Dec 1974
Muriel Eveline Norwood Muriel was Helena's first child, born at Echuca, Victoria on 9 November 1889. Her birth certificate registered her name as Eveline Muriel Patterson, and stated that Helena had married Henry Patterson, a bootmaker of Adelaide, South Australia, at Rupanyip, Vic, on 4 November 1887, although no record of the marriage has been found. Their daughter became known as Muriel Norwood and she grew up as part of the Norwood family, moving with the family from Deniliquin, NSW, to Shelbourne, Victoria, and then Tarnagulla. Muriel trained as a nurse, was at Bendigo Hospital in 1919 but by 1924 was living at Mathoura Road, Toorak, from where she continued her nursing. She lived there for many years, and died at Ballarat in 1974 at the age of 85.

Sidney Oxborough Norwood b 30 Dec 1891 - d 7 Aug 1915
Sidney Oxborough Norwood Sidney was the first child of Sidney and Helena, and was born at Deniliquin, NSW. He moved with the family to Shelbourne, Victoria, and then Tarnagulla. He described himself as a labourer living at Tarnagulla when he enlisted in the Australian Army in 1915 for service in World War One. Sidney was unmarried when he died in fighting at Gallipoli, Turkey later that year. He had been posted to his unit less than two weeks before he was listed as missing in action. He was aged 23 at the time of his death. For detailed information, see Sidney Oxborough Norwood.

Fanny (Fran) Annie Norwood b 23 March 1894 - d 20 Sept 1984
Fran Norwood Fran was born at Deniliquin and was with the family when her parents operated hotels at Deniliquin, Shelbourne and Tarnagulla. As a young woman, she took music lessons, often travelling considerable distances by horse and jinker. As an adult, she became a music teacher. She married on 29 June 1922 to John Alexander Souter (1890-1952), a Presbyterian minister, and they lived for many years at a number of locations, including Wedderburn, Elmore and Ballan, Victoria. They had one son, John Norwood Souter (1925-2011). Fran died in Ballarat in 1984 at the age of 90.

Herbert Thomas (Tom) Norwood b 14 May 1899 - d 1 October 1934
Herbert Thomas (Tom) Norwood Tom joined the Victorian Railways as a youth and was an assistant station master at Nar Nar Goon in Gippsland when he married Veronica (Vera) Jane Pickett (1900-1991) in Melbourne in 1930. About 1931, while Tom was still stationed in Gippsland, they had a daughter, Betty Lorraine. Tom was posted to the Melbourne suburban station of Carnegie as assistant station master about 1933 but he died during an armed hold-up at the station in 1934. It was a shooting that shocked and had profound effects on the family. He was aged 34 at the time of the shooting. For detailed information, see The Shock of a Family Murder.

Charles Otto Norwood b 24 March 1902 - d 19 Nov 1972
Charles Otto left Melbourne at the age of 19 and opened, as manager, a branch of "Williams the Shoeman" in Nhill in the central west of Victoria. He remained manager of the shop until his retirement. On 8 January 1929, he married Sybil May Nealy (b 24 May 1906 - d 17 October 1973, daughter of John Henry and Elizabeth Wilson (Littlewood) Nealy), and their four children - Bill, Tom, Beverley and Roy - were born at Nhill. Charles died at Nhill at the age of 70.

Helena (Tuppy) Dadswell Norwood b 9 Dec 1906 - d 29 April 1908
Tuppy lived only until she was 1 year and 4 months of age, dying of gastroenteritis at Tarnagulla. She was buried at Tarnagulla Cemetery, in a grave which was also used later that year for her grandfather, Thomas William Dadswell.

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Parents of, and siblings of, Sidney Herbert Norwood
Helena Matilda Dadswell (mother of Norwood family members)

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